About us


If a pet is specific, we will do everything possible in agreement with the owner. For example, here was a cocketer  dog who had a heart failure. He had to bathe, but he was afraid of the fan. We found a solution to mutual satisfaction.

If you insist on staying in the lounge with your pet, that’s fine. However, please cooperate. If, however, we decide that it will be better for you to go (that is, if the dog is constantly rushing towards to the owner), then you should do it. Grumer may inadvertently harm his pet, because he can not foresee his, nor your reaction. This greatly affects the quality of the service, as well as the length of time it takes to work.

Please let us know the specificities of your pet. Whether there is any disease, growth, nipple, something that does not like (or much likes), wants to grunge, love or dislike other dogs,if it is rubbing or something like that …